Monday, May 22, 2006

Ready Steady GO!

Is it time to jump on the blog band wagon? Or the band blog wagon? Maybe maybe not?

Mostly I started this to be able to post comments on some other blogs and have a really cool avatar - Ha!

Perhaps soon I will put up some artwork or stop motion animation stuff I have been working on.

But for now how about an interesting web site I have come across that I thought everyone might appreciate.

If it's creative, clever, original or fun then I dig it!

I ran across this web page by Jonathan J. Harris who may be one of the top

five Graphic Designers working on the web today.

Yes I know that is a pretty large statement to make.

But check some of the web sites he has developed.

Clean design, Great interface, Original, fun, Wow!

He is doing something that only works on the web.

Then check out some of the other stuff he has worked on like

VORN, or 10x10.

Whatever "it" is, this guy Jonathan has "IT" - lots of it.

And we could all use more of "IT" at least I know I could.

I say he is in the top 5 designers, and I don't even know who the other 4 could be.

But maybe that's just my sense of what good design is - you may not like it at all.


PS really cool avatar to follow ... I hope.
sorry my ragged right text is out of control... widows everywhere
tsk, tsk, tsk