Friday, September 29, 2006

Bob Burns is a Great Guy

I just got back from another fine evening at the San Diego Natural History Museum.
Bob Burns brought the Original King Kong armature to the screening of King Kong (1933)
A real treat to see Kong on the big screen. But an even bigger treat was to see, hold and pose the original
Kong and Mighty Joe Young Armatures. I was in armature geek heaven!

Bob was letting folks from the audience hold and even pose the armature.
Pretty damm cool if you ask me. Both armatures are build like a rock, they still move well today.
For such an early armature it is an amazing piece of engineering and machining.

If you have seen the behind the scene stuff for Peter Jackson's new King Kong
you may have seen Bob. He's a great guy with all kinds of great stories.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just press the print button

Ever since Ubatuber did a little printmaking of the sweet jenny greenteeth, I have been thinking of doing some prints, not woodblock but screen print or serigraph if you must. ...been playing around with some colors heres one.

Hey at least it's a post.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Amazing Mr. Rivett

There is a machining web site that I frequent with some amazing craftsmen. A fellow that builds displays for museums will sometime post things he has made. He has just posted another amazing tool box that I just had to share. Everything works, the saw has little teeth on it that cut, the planer will shave wood etc. This guy is amazing. Enjoy!

Here is the original link .
and another link to a scale model classroom he built. Remember everything you see was made by hand from scratch and it works. Check out the postage stamp for and idea of scale for the classroom. It's really just insane how great his work is.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Kicking up some dust

Kicking up some dust or Look Ma, no arms!

Well here at last are the innards of the character Jack Sawyer whose green head you may have seen earlier. Well at least the bottom part of his innards.

The chest/shoulder block has been redesigned, the one shown is not ready for prime time and probably never will be. I am pretty happy with the feet up to the spine. The rest is to follow soon, been on Hiatus too long time to start making chips again.